Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Notification Center

The Notification Center page provides Wireless Network Manager administrators with options for filtering the information they receive.

Clicking on these options display pages where you can make selections concerning notifications:

  • Alert
  • Threat
  • Log
  • Email
  • SMS

Within these Types are several subtypes that can be brought up by expanding the main type. These pages have an easy-to-use interface for setting priorities for each of the related screens. The dragger makes it easy to select the desired priority for each event, since they can be set both as a batch and individually. Instructions for the use of this tool are on the screen.

  • The Alert page has a table to select each Type of alert put out by Wireless Network Manager:

    • Priority Range
    • Show GUI
    • Email to Tenant

    The Types are set in groups:

    • System
    • Network
    • Security Service (which includes Geo-IP and Botnet, Device Status, and Network)
    • Device Status
    • DFS
  • The Threat page has types for WIDP (Wireless Intrusion Detection & Prevention):
    • WIDP
    • Security Service
  • The Log page shows several choices for the Type of log notifications available. They are:

    • System
    • 802.11
    • 802.1X
    • WPA
    • DFS
    • RRM (Radio Resource Management)
    • User Authentication
    • Network
    • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
    • Mesh
    • Cloud Management
    • Audit
  • The Email page displays the frequency of the notifications and a list of the email addresses where copies should be sent.

    These can be determined by the administrator, and changed at any time.

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