WiFi Cloud Manager 3.0 Getting Started Guide

Subscription Services

Purchase of SonicWave access points includes Secure WiFi wireless cloud and support services. Additional Advanced WiFi wireless cloud and security subscription services are available for purchase from MySonicWall > Product Management > My Products. These features are described in the WiFi Cloud Manager Administration Guide available under the product name “Secure Cloud Wireless” on the SonicWall Support website at: https://www.sonicwall.com/support/technical-documentation.

The services available for SonicWave 200 series (231c/224w/231o) and SonicWave 400 series (432e/432i/432o) access points include:

Wireless Cloud ServicesSecure WiFi (included)Advanced WiFi (with subscription )
WiFi Cloud Manageryesyes
WiFi Planneryesyes
Secure Cloud WiFi (Wireless IDP, Rogue AP Protection, RF Monitoring)yesyes
Advanced Secure Cloud WiFi (Capture ATP, Content Filtering Service, and Cloud AV)noyes
Support ServicesSecure WiFi (included)Advanced WiFi (with subscription )
Wireless 24x7 Supportyesyes
Software and Firmware updatesyesyes
Hardware Warrantyyesyes

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