WiFi Cloud Manager 3.0 Getting Started Guide

About WiFi Cloud Manager

SonicWall WiFi Cloud Manager (WCM) is a cloud-based WiFi network management system that simplifies access point deployment, management, and monitoring. WiFi Cloud Manager is fully integrated with Capture Security Appliance, providing seamless integration with MySonicWall, Licensing, and the SonicExpress App on your mobile device. The cloud-based infrastructure is user-friendly and resilient, simplifying access, control, and troubleshooting. WiFi Cloud Manager can be deployed across multiple regions, and is accessible from anywhere through an Internet connection.

The SonicWave access point devices in the WiFi Cloud Manager network handle all aspects of authentication, association, fast and secure roaming, data forwarding, and power and channel management. Even if the Internet goes down, the WiFi stays up, and you can still reach critical network resources such as file servers and databases.

If you manage your network through a SonicWall network security appliance, you can choose to add the convenience of the WiFi Cloud Manager user interface and the advanced security policies it supports.


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