WiFi Cloud Manager 3.0 Getting Started Guide

Using WiFi Cloud Manager

Before you access WiFi Cloud Manager, be sure that all of the Prerequisites have been fulfilled.

Follow these steps to set up your hierarchy to be managed with WiFi Cloud Manager.

To launch WiFi Cloud Manager

  1. On your system computer, navigate to cloud.sonicwall.com.
  2. Log onto Capture Security Center with your MySonicWall credentials.
  3. The Tenants/Groups you have set up on MySonicWall are available from the drop-down list on the left of the screen.
  4. Select the one for which you want to set up a hierarchy.
  5. Click the Wireless tile to launch the SonicWall WiFi Cloud Manager.

    The Tenants/Groups name is the entity under which your entire WiFi Cloud Manager hierarchy is built.


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