WiFi Cloud Manager 3.0 Getting Started Guide

Adding a Location to the Network Hierarchy

Locations are nested beneath the tenant in the network hierarchy listed on the Network > Network Hierarchy screen.

You can add geographical addresses (such as US > California > Milpitas) or logical groups (such as Time Square > All MSSP APs in Time Square > Store #1 MSSP APs) as tenant locations and zones. In the second example, the MSSP APs are a subgroup that covers the same geographical area, Time Square.

To add a location to the Network Hierarchy

  1. Navigate to Network > Network Hierarchy.

    When you hover over various items on the screen, choices such as Add (a plus + sign) and Edit/Config (a pencil) become visible.

  2. Hover over an existing location and click the Plus (+) icon to add a new location on the Add Location screen. A prompt near the Plus (+) asks if this is to be a:
    • sibling location: added on the same level as the location you clicked on to add it
    • child location: added below the location from which it is built. A new child location cannot be added to a location that already has a Zone.
    • zone under this location: nested beneath (inside) the location from which it is built

    Your choice is then reflected in the structure of the hierarchy.

  3. Enter the Location Name and Address.
  4. Click OK.

The new location is added to the Network Hierarchy.

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