WiFi Cloud Manager 3.0 Getting Started Guide

Supported Devices

SonicWall WiFi Cloud Manager automatically imports devices registered on MySonicWall. Devices can be registered from either the management computer or from a mobile device through the SonicExpress app.

For more information about registering access points through the app, refer to the SonicExpress User Guide. This and other documentation are available under the product “Secure Cloud Wireless” on the SonicWall support website: https://www.sonicwall.com/support/technical-documentation.

SonicWall WiFi Cloud Manager supports these devices:

  • SonicWave 224w
  • SonicWave 231c
  • SonicWave 231o
  • SonicWave 432e
  • SonicWave 432i
  • SonicWave 432o

SonicWave 200 series devices require SonicOS version or higher. SonicWave 400 series devices require SonicOS version or higher.

After deploying your SonicWave access points from your computer or from the SonicExpress app, use your management computer to access Capture Security Center (CSC). Navigate to WiFi Cloud Manager > Network > Devices to verify that the access points in your hierarchy are active and using appropriate versions of firmware.

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