SonicOSX 7 Users for the NSsp Series

Redirecting Unauthenticated Users

You can can redirect HTTP/HTTPS traffic from unauthenticated users to a specified URL instead of the SonicWall’s own login page.

To redirect HTTP/HTTPS traffic from unauthenticated users

  1. Select On redirecting unauthenticated users, redirect to an external login page URL. This option allows users to be authenticated by an external authentication system. This option is not selected by default.

    To allow only unauthenticated users to be redirected, you need to create one or more access rules for this situation.

    The external system can subsequently use the SSO third-party API or RADIUS Accounting to pass the user’s name and credentials to the firewall so they are identified for such activities as access control and logging.

  2. When you select this option, the URL field displays. Enter the URL for redirection in the field.
  3. To configure options related to the captive portal configured in a zone’s guest settings, scroll to Web Login Settings for Guest Captive Portal.
  4. For captive portal guest authentication, to allow the authentication page to show in a portal host page as a frame, select Allow authentication page in frame. This option is not selected by default.
  5. Click Update.

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