SonicOSX 7 Users for the NSsp Series

User Session Settings for Web Login

To configure user session settings for web login

  1. Navigate to Users > Settings > User Sessions.
  2. Enable login session limit for web logins: Limit the time a user is logged into the firewall through web login before the login page times out by selecting this option and typing the amount of time, in minutes, in the Login session limit … Minutes field. This setting is selected by default The default value is 30 minutes.

    If the session times out, a message displays that reads you must log out before attempting to log in again.

  3. Select Show user login status window with logout button to display a status window with a Log Out button during the user’s session. The user must click Log Out to log out of the session. This option is not selected by default.

    The window must be kept open throughout the user’s session as closing it logs the user out.

    If this option is not enabled, the status window is not displayed and users might not be able to log out. In this case, a login session limit must be set to ensure that they do eventually get logged out.

    The User Login Status window refreshes every (minutes) displays the number of minutes the user has left in the login session. The user can set the remaining time to a smaller number of minutes by entering the number and clicking Update.

    When this option is enabled, a mechanism that monitors heartbeats sent from that window also can be enabled to detect and log out users who disconnect without logging out.

    If this option is not enabled, users might be unable to log out. Set a login session limit to ensure users are logged out eventually.
  4. In the User's login status window sends status heartbeat every … Seconds field, specify how often a heartbeat is sent back to your SonicWall network security appliance. This heartbeat notifies your SonicWall network security appliance of your connection status and continues to be sent as long at the status window is open. The default is 120 seconds.
  5. Select Enable disconnected user detection to have your SonicWall network security appliance detect when the user’s connection is no longer valid and then end the session. This option is already selected by default.
  6. In the Timeout on heartbeat from user's login status window … Minutes field, specify the time needed without a reply from the heartbeat before ending the user session. The minimum delay before ending the user session is 1 minute, the maximum is 65535 minutes, and the default is 10 minutes.
  7. Select Allow unauthenticated VPN users to access DNS to allow that access.
  8. Select Open user’s login status window in the same window rather than in a popup if you do not want the login status window to open as a separate pop-up window. This option is not selected by default.
  9. LDAP read from server options are available when the LDAP option is active. The options are:
    • Automatically update the schema configuration
    • Export details of the schema
  10. Click Update.

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