SonicOSX 7 Users for the NSsp Series

Configuring TACACS+ Accounting

SonicOSX supports TACACS+ accounting Start, Watchdog and Stop messages, but not the TACACS+ accounting proxy, that is, SonicOSX does not forward the accounting request to the accounting server.

To configure TACACS+ accounting

  1. Navigate to Users > Settings > Accounting.
  2. Next to TACACS+ Accounting, click Configure.
  3. To add a TACACS+ server, click Add Server.
  4. In the Host Name or IP Address field, enter the host name or IP address of the TACACS+ server .
  5. In the Port field, enter the port number of the server. The default is 49.
  6. In the Shared Secret and Confirm Shared Secret fields, enter the shared secret .
  7. Click Enabled when you are ready to put this TACACS+ server into use.
  8. Click Save.

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