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Sending RADIUS Accounting Information to Servers

To send RADIUS accounting information to servers

  1. Navigate to Users > Settings > Accounting.
  2. Next to RADIUS Accounting, click Configure.
  3. To add a RADIUS server:
    1. Click Add Server. The Settings page displays.
    2. In the Host Name or IP Address field, enter the host name or IP address .
    3. In the Port field, enter the port number.
    4. In the Shared Secret and Confirm Shared Secret fields, enter the shared secret.
    5. On the Advanced tab, from the User Name Format list, select the username format:
      • User-Name
      • User-Name@Domain
      • Domain\User-Name
      • User-Name.Domain
    6. Click Save. The RADIUS Accounting table is updated.

    For each RADIUS server you want to add, repeat these steps.

  4. Click on General Settings.
  5. In the RADIUS Accounting Server Timeout (seconds) field, enter a maximum time out, in seconds, . The default value is 5 seconds.
  6. In the Retries field, enter the maximum number of retries. The default value is 3 retries.
  7. To send accounting data to all servers listed in the RADIUS Accounting table, select Send accounting data to all servers.
  8. Click Enable for each RADIUS server you want to enable.
  9. Click Update.

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