SonicOSX 7 Users for the NSsp Series

Adding Partitions and Subpartitions

To add a partition

  1. Navigate to Users > Partitions.
  2. In the Authentication Partitions section, click the Add icon. The Add Authentication Partition dialog displays.
  3. In the Partition Name field, enter a friendly, meaningful name . The name can be 1 to 32 alphanumeric characters in length.
  4. For Partition type, choose whether the authentication partition is:
    • A top-level partition
    • A sub-partition
      1. The Parent partition drop-down menu becomes available.
      2. Select a parent partition from the drop-down menu. The default partition is Default.

        If your installation does not have multiple partitions, then create subpartitions as subpartitions of the Default partition.

  5. Next to the Add/Edit Domain field, click the Add icon. The Add Domain dialog displays.
  6. In the Enter the Domain Name field, enter a domain name.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Repeat these steps for each domain you want to add.
  9. Optionally, enter a comment in the Comment field.
  10. Click Save.

The partitions and/or subpartitions are added to the Authentication Partitions table. Subpartitions are positioned immediately after their parent partitions, with a Link icon indicating they are subpartitions.

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