SonicOSX 7 Signatures

Anti-Spyware Signatures

SonicWall Anti-Spyware allows you to configure anti-spyware policies at the category and signature level, to provide flexible granularity for tailoring SonicWall Anti-Spyware protection based on your network environment requirements. You can apply these custom SonicWall Anti-Spyware policies to Address Objects, Address Groups, and User Groups, as well as create enforcement schedules.

To view or edit the Anti-Spyware Signatures

  1. Navigate to OBJECT | Signatures > Anti-Spyware Signatures.
  2. When you click Edit this entry on the Signature row, you can configure these fields in the Edit Anti-Spyware Signature dialog box:

Product NameThe name in the row you chose to configure
Signature NameThe known name of the signature
Signature IDThe ID number associated with this signature name
Danger LevelIndicated the known danger level, High, Medium, Low
PreventionAllows you to enable and disable Anti-Spyware prevention for the device
DetectionAllows you to enable and disable Anti-Spyware detection for the device
Log Redundancy Filter To prevent the log from becoming overloaded with entries for the same attack, enter a value in the field. For example, if you entered a value of 30 seconds and there were 100 SubSeven attacks during that period of time, only one attack would be logged during that 30 second period.

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