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The System Summary —located at HOME | Dashboard > System > Summary, provides a high-level view of the status of your security infrastructure. It summarizes the activity in easy-to-read, color-coded indicators. You can review the Summary and see at-a-glance when any issues might need investigating.

Dashboard Overview

The Summary shows your devices and a representation of the traffic being generated. It allows you to view the devices in a geographical view using a map that you can zoom in and out of. The devices are marked on the map.

The following table describes the components that make up the System Summary.

System Summary
Traffic DistributionDisplays all traffic within your infrastructure including threats and their locations.
Top UsersProvides data as it relates to the users connected to the system.
InsightsProvides a high-level view of the overall status of your security infrastructure.
Observed ThreatsTracks the number of system connections reporting triggered threats.

Top Countries

Show Top Countries sorted by Sessions
Services SummaryProvides a bird's eye view of all active and inactive, licensed and not licensed services available (or not) within your network.

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