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Capture ATP Dashboard

The Capture ATP Dashboard (HOME | Dashboard > Capture ATP) allows you see in one place which files are being sent to the backend for scanning and which ones are being blocked. The blue boxes show the total files scanned and the red box shows the total malicious files found. Files can be scanned for the last month, week, or 24 hour period.

The Capture ATP Dashboard also informs you about the date of the work being done by the firewall and how many files have been scanned. Colored bars give you the percentage and number of days malicious files have been found.

For more information, refer to the SonicWall Management Services Capture ATP Administration Guide.

Capture ATP is an add-on security service to the firewall, similar to Gateway Anti-Virus (GAV) that helps your system identify malicious files. To enable the service you need a license, GAV, and Cloud Gateway Anti-Virus Database services.

Capture ATP Home

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