SonicOS 7 Getting Started Guide for NSsp 13700 and NSa Series

Default Settings

The following table lists the default values, or identifies where you can find them, for certain key settings.

Port or SettingIP Address / Login / Password
Serial numberOn the nameplate or in the initial firmware
Authentication codeAvailable in the user interface on the Dashboard with the system information.
Registration codeFrom MySonicWall
Maintenance keyFrom MySonicWall
  • Serial port baud rate = 11520
  • Data: 8
  • Parity = none
  • Stop = 1
  • Flow control = none
  • Login = techsupport / sonicwall-<build number>
X1Not set by default

SafeMode is accessed through the MGMT port which is by default The login credentials are admin / password if SonicOS is unavailable; otherwise, the administrator's credentials should work. For detailed information about accessing SafeMode, refer to the SonicOS 7 Upgrade Guide.

MySonicWallRegister on to set up an account

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