SonicOS 7 Getting Started Guide for NSsp 13700 and NSa Series

Basic Configuration

Use the following steps to complete a basic system configuration.

  1. Navigate to POLICY | Rules and Policies to create security rules for handling traffic. There are node fault rules, so no traffic can be passed until rules are created.

    Without policy rules, SonicOS only allows management traffic on X0 or the MGMT port. No other traffic is allowed until policy rules are created by the administrator.

  2. Navigate to NETWORK | System > Interfaces to configure the X1 WAN interface.

    • Static – Configures the appliance for a network that uses static IP addresses.
    • DHCP – Configures the appliance to request IP settings from a DHCP server in the network.

    WAN connectivity is needed for product registration and licensing. Be sure to configure DNS for the WAN interface.

  3. Configure the administrator username and password.
  4. Connect the X0 interface to your LAN network and connect X1 to the Internet, as described in the Quick Start Guide that came with your firewall. You can also find the Quick Start Guide on the Technical Documentation portal. Search for your firewall model.
  5. Register SonicOS as described in Registration and Licensing .

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