SonicOS 7 Getting Started Guide for NSsp 13700 and NSa Series

Setting Up with NSM

Network Security Manager (NSM) is centralized firewall manager. It allows central, error-free manage ofall firewall operations by adhering to auditable workflows. You can also use it to easily add and configure new firewalls, especially when combined with the Zero Touch feature. For details about Network Security Manager, refer to the NSM document set.

This option requires either the Essential or Advanced NSM license.

To manage and configure your firewall

  1. Log into the Capture Security Center at using your MySonicWall credentials.
  2. Select the MySonicWall tile to register your firewall.
  3. Enable Zero Touch and NSM Essential/NSM Advanced license on your firewall in MySonicWall.
  4. Select the appropriate Data Center (for first time users only).
  5. Modify the Managed By option from On Box to Cloud, and then enable Zero Touch.
  6. Return to the CSC portal, and select the Network Security Manager tile to manage your firewall from the cloud.

  7. In NSM, navigate to HOME | Firewalls > Inventory to configure and manage your firewalls.

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