SonicOS 7 Getting Started Guide for NSsp 13700 and NSa Series

Setting Up with CLI

You can use the command line interface to set up your firewalls, and access is provided in two different ways. You can:

  • Use a serial connection via the MGMT port (speed = 115200)

    You do not need to assign an IP address to the firewall to use the CLI on a serial connection to the Console port.

  • Use an SSH management session via ethernet

    You can use an SSH client to access the CLI by connecting to the appliance with an Ethernet cable. This option is useful for customers who do not have access to an RJ45 to DB-9 serial cable for the Console port on the firewall. To use SSH management, you must assign an IP address to X0 (LAN) or X1 (WAN), or use the default LAN IP address of

To use the CLI on a serial connection or in an SSH management session, you need to use a terminal emulation application (such as Tera Term) or an SSH Client application (such as PuTTY). You can find a suitable, free, terminal emulator to download from the Internet.

For details on how to use the command line interface for setting up for your firewall, refer to the SonicOS/X 7 Command Line Interface Reference Guide at the Technical Documentation portal.

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