SonicOS 7 Getting Started Guide for NSsp 13700 and NSa Series

Connectivity, Port Density and Performance

The NSsp 13700 is an energy-efficient, reliable appliance in a compact form factor. It can process millions of encrypted and unencrypted connections to deliver the security required for large organizations. The high-port-density NSsp 13700 includes the following interfaces:

  • 2 100GbE interfaces
  • 8 5GbE interfaces
  • 8 10/5/2.5/1GbE interfaces
  • 16 1GbE interfaces

It also features a dedicated management port, 512GB of built-in storage, and redundant power supplies and fans. Performance specifications are targeted at:

  • 45 Gbps of threat prevention throughput
  • 57 Gbps of application inspection throughput
  • 48 Gbps of IPS throughput
  • 5 Gbps of TLS inspection throughput
  • 14 million stateful connections
  • 12 million DPI connections

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