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Changing From Classic to Policy Mode

This section describes how to change from Classic mode (SonicOS) to Policy mode (SonicOSX) on an existing NSv deployment. After this change, some of the current configuration settings might not be available in Policy mode. The list of configuration settings that will not be available in policy mode is shown in the popup screen when you click the POLICY button.

To change from Classic mode to Policy mode

  1. Navigate to the NETWORK | Firewall > Advanced page.
  2. On the Settings screen next to Security Services Enforcements, click the POLICY button.
  3. Read the popup notifications.

    Classic to Policy mode notifications

  4. Click OK to proceed with the mode change or click Cancel to cancel the mode change.

The NSv reboots and comes up in Policy mode. You must manually reconfigure any settings that were removed during the mode change. These can include configuration settings involving:

  • Access Rules
  • App Rules
  • Content Filtering Service (CFS)
  • Security Services
  • App Control

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