SonicOS/X 7 VoIP

VoIP Security

Companies implementing VoIP technologies in an effort to cut communication costs and extend corporate voice services to a distributed workforce face security risks associated with the convergence of voice and data networks. VoIP security and network integrity are an essential part of any VoIP deployment.

The same security threats that plague data networks today are inherited by VoIP but the addition of VoIP as an application on the network makes those threats even more dangerous. By adding VoIP components to your network, you are also adding new security requirements.

VoIP encompasses a number of complex standards that leave the door open for bugs and vulnerabilities within the software implementation. The same types of bugs and vulnerabilities that hamper every operating system and application available today also apply to VoIP equipment. Many of today's VoIP call servers and gateway devices are built on vulnerable Windows and Linux operating systems.

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