SonicOS/X 7 VoIP


SonicOS/X provides the following support for H.323:

  • VoIP devices running all versions of H.323 (currently 1 through to 5) are supported
  • Microsoft's LDAP-based Internet Locator Service (ILS)
  • Discovery of the Gatekeeper by LAN H.323 terminals using multicast
  • Stateful monitoring and processing of Gatekeeper registration, admission, and status (RAS) messages
  • Support for H.323 terminals that use encryption for the media streams
  • DHCP Option 150. The DHCP Server can be configured to return the address of a VoIP specific TFTP server to DHCP clients
  • In addition to H.323 support, SonicOS/X supports VoIP devices using the following additional ITU standards:
    • T.120 for application sharing, electronic white-boarding, file exchange, and chat
    • H.239 to allow multiple channels for delivering audio, video and data
    • H.281 for Far End Camera Control (FECC)

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