SonicOS 7 Rules and Policies

Adding Static Routes

To add a static route

  1. Navigate to the POLICY | Rules and Policies > Routing Rules page.

  2. Click +Add (in the bottom left corner). The Adding Rule dialog displays.

  3. In the Lookup view, enter a friendly name for this route policy in Name.
  4. Type any rule Tags that might aid in a Search criteria. You can use up to three separated by commas.
  5. Type a descriptive comment into the Description field.
  6. Indicate the Type as IPv4 or IPv6.
  7. Select the source address object from Source.
  8. Select the destination address object from Destination.
  9. Specify the type of service object that is routed from Service.
  10. Click Add or click to the Next Hop view to continue the configuration.
  11. Choose the type of route:

    • Standard Route (default)
    • Multi-Path Route
    • SD-WAN Route
  12. Select the interface through which these packets are routed from Interface.
  13. Select the address object that acts as a gateway for packets matching these settings from Gateway.
  14. Specify the RIP metric in the Metric field.
  15. Click Add or click to the Advanced view to continue the configuration.
  16. Optionally select Disable route when the interface is disconnected.
  17. Select Allow VPN path to take precedence to allow a matching VPN network to take precedence over the static route when the VPN tunnel is up. This option is not selected by default.
  18. Enter the ToS hexadecimal value in the TOS (Hex) field.
  19. Enter the ToS Mask hexadecimal value in the TOS Mask (Hex) field.
  20. Enter a value for the Admin Distance, or select Auto for an automatically created Admin Distance.
  21. Click Add or click to the Probe view to continue the configuration.
  22. Select a probe type from Probe. The default is None. If a probe type is selected additional options become available.
  23. Select Disable route when probe succeeds. This option is not selected by default.
  24. Select Probe default state is UP.
  25. When you are finished, click Add. The route settings are configured for the selected SonicWall appliance(s).

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