SonicOS 7 Rules and Policies

Policy-based Routing

A simple static routing entry specifies how to handle traffic that matches specific criteria, such as destination address, destination mask, gateway to forward traffic, the interface that gateway is located, and the route metric. This method of static routing satisfies most static requirements, but is limited to forwarding based only on destination addressing.

Policy-based Routing (PBR) allows you to create extended static routes to provide more flexible and granular traffic handling capabilities. SonicOS PBR allows for matching based upon source address, source netmask, destination address, destination netmask, service, interface, and metric. This method of routing allows for full control of forwarding based upon a large number of user defined variables.

PBR supports Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). A FQDN cannot be used as the source or destination of the PBR entry, and the PBR entry can be redistributed to advanced routing protocols.

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