SonicOS 7 Rules and Policies

About App Rules Capabilities

App Rules data leakage prevention component provides the ability to scan files and documents for content and keywords. Using App Rules, you can restrict transfer of certain file names, file types, email attachments, attachment types, email with certain subjects, and email or attachments with certain keywords or byte patterns. You can deny internal or external network access based on various criteria. You can use Packet Monitor to take a deeper look at application traffic, and can select among various bandwidth management settings to reduce network bandwidth usage by an application.

Based on SonicWall’s Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection™ (RF-DPI) technology, App Rules also features intelligent prevention functionality which allows you to create custom, policy-based actions. Examples of custom actions include the following:

  • Blocking entire applications based on their signatures
  • Blocking application features or sub-components
  • Bandwidth throttling for file types when using the HTTP or FTP protocols
  • Blocking an attachment
  • Sending a custom block page
  • Sending a custom email reply
  • Redirecting an HTTP request
  • Sending a custom FTP reply over an FTP control channel

While App Rules primarily provides application level access control, application layer bandwidth management and data leakage prevention, it also includes the ability to create custom application or protocol match signatures. You can create a custom App Rules policy that matches any protocol you wish, by matching a unique piece of the protocol. See Custom Signature.

App Rules provides excellent functionality for preventing the accidental transfer of proprietary documents. For example, when using the automatic address completion feature of Outlook Exchange, it is a common occurrence for a popular name to complete to the wrong address. See Automatic Outlook Exchange Automatic Address Completion for an example.

Automatic Outlook Exchange Automatic Address Completion

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