SonicOS 7 Rules and Policies

Enabling Ping

This provides a configuration example for an access rule to allow devices on the DMZ to send ping requests and receive ping responses from devices on the LAN. By default your appliance does not allow traffic initiated from the DMZ to reach the LAN.

To configure an access rule that allows ping between DMZ and LAN

  1. Place one of your interfaces into the DMZ zone.
  2. Navigate to POLICY | Rules and Policies > Access Rules.
  3. Click +Add to launch the Adding Rule dialog.
  4. Select the Action to Allow.
  5. From the Source Port/Services drop-down menu, select Ping.
  6. From the Source Address drop-down menu, select DMZ Subnets.
  7. From the Destination Address drop-down menu, select LAN Subnets.
  8. Click Add.

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