SonicOS/X 7.0.1 Release Notes

Version 7.0.1-5030 December/October 2021

October 2021

This version of SonicOS/X7.0.1 (7.0.1-5030-R780) is a maintenance release for currently shipping NSsp 15700 platform and resolves issues found in previous releases.

Supported Platforms

The platform-specific versions for this release apply to NSsp 15700 platforms.

Resolved Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
GEN7-30375A crash was observed during reboot in the configuration auditing timer.
GEN7-30332A crash was observed when accessing the IPv6 address cache with a mix of IPv4 and IPv6 users being repeatedly logged in and out.
GEN7-30022The Search in the ARP table only allows a 1 character entry.
GEN7-30021Incorrect IPv6 addresses are displayed for logged in users on the User Status page.
GEN7-29792Loading settings with several IPv6 VLANs configured causes devices configured in High Availability to continuously failover and failback.
GEN7-29623In L3 Port Aggregation, the Aggregate Port does not show the correct link state on the Dashboard page of the user interface.
GEN7-29620Changing verification security level on the SSO 3rd Party API Configuration Advanced page on the interface triggers an error message: Host name/IP Address: the host name/IP address must be unique.
GEN7-29593A memory leak from the SSO API was observed when returning multiple errors in response to an SSO API request with multiple users.
GEN7-29592Blade mismatch warnings are being seen for SSO API user authentication with large number of users.
GEN7-29590An intermittent crash is seen when adding SSO users via 3rd party API and IPv6 and IPv4 groups overlap while IPv4/IPv6 traffic is present.
GEN7-29415VLAN subinterface does not show correct MTU in the user interface when jumbo frames are enabled.
GEN7-29412When accessing the Dashboard the first time, the Front Panel widget does not show the interface status indicators.
GEN7-29246HA timeout customization changes were improved to help large configuration files synchronize between Active and Idle units.
GEN7-29150Default Service Objects for ICMPv6 are missing in user interface.
GEN7-28793Modifying 3rd party SSO API client settings results in error: Host name / IP address: The host name/IP address must be unique.
GEN7-28338A number of IPv6 SSO inefficiencies in the mechanism for inter-blade user sync requests were fixed (those which request other blades to send something back and then wait for it).
GEN7-20540Route Policy Details for source and destination routes are wrong on IPv6 connections page on the backup unit of a High Availability pair.

Known Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
GEN7-30590Importing settings fail and trigger a trace indicating a post file HTTP issue through the API.
GEN7-30560In response to a user accessing the WAN from LAN using a security rule containing the group Everyone, the device shows an undetermined error when trying to change the password after login.
GEN7-30559A reboot is seen during LDAP import of a large number of users.
GEN7-30459On the LDAP User Import page, for the user groups that were read form the LDAP Server, only the first LDAP Group location shows any users.
GEN7-30065When trying to manually log out users from the interface, once they're populated and active, produces an error: command 'killuser ...' does not match.
GEN7-30009Security Policies page shows No Data momentarily when loading over 600 entries.
GEN7-29777The user interface is very slow when refreshing the User Group page with over 2800 user groups in it.

October 2021

This version of SonicOS/X 7.0.1 is a maintenance release for existing platforms and resolves issues found in previous releases.

Supported Platforms

The platform-specific versions for this unified release are all the same:

PlatformFirmware Version
TZ Series7.0.1-5030
NSa Series7.0.1-5030
NSv Series7.0.1-5030
NSsp Series7.0.1-5030
  • NSa 2700
  • NSa 3700
  • NSa 4700
  • NSa 6700
  • NSsp 13700
  • NSsp 15700
  • TZ270 / TZ270W
  • TZ370 / TZ370W
  • TZ470 / TZ470W
  • TZ570 / TZ570W
  • TZ570P
  • TZ670
  • NSv 270
  • NSv 470
  • NSv 870

SonicOS/X NSv deployments are supported on the following platforms:

  • AWS (BYOL and PAYG)
  • Microsoft Azure (BYOL)
  • VMware ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Linux KVM

Resolved Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
GEN7-25465Cannot delete LDAP user group
GEN7-25712Compatibility issue with certain switch vendor 25G implementations
GEN7-26035OSPF becomes disabled on the unnumbered VPN Tunnel Interface after adding LAG's member when it's bound to a L2 LAG port
GEN7-26419NSsp 15700 only: The Interface Link Speed is not configurable on the web management interface, but is configurable on the command-line interface (CLI)
GEN7-26507Delay in call setup of 10-60 seconds may be experienced when a SIP call is made.
GEN7-26613Putting a serial number using lower case characters in the Serial Number field on the High Availability > Settings page for a Secondary Firewall is not allowed.
GEN7-26653The management console for Capture Client URI " has not been added to the allowed list, which will cause Capture Client to be unable to be installed and licensed, making its policy and certificate unavailable.
GEN7-26710Administrators are unable to change partition for a newly added policy on the Device > Users > Authentication Partition page.
GEN7-26785If devices have Capture Client installed, Endpoint Enforcement does not allow access to the devices.
GEN7-26827The 10G RJ45 interface (X16-X19) Link Speed displays auto-negotiated to 5Gbps on the Interfaces page
GEN7-27038On the Device > Users> LDAP configuration page, the child LDAP server are not shown in the web management interface.
GEN7-27047When using High Availability, the Certificate for Administration is not used on the Secondary Appliance after initial synchronization.
GEN7-27429NSA 6700 only: Cannot create LACP on 40GB Interfaces (X33)
GEN7-27441Guest Services user interface authorization fails on a Guest Services-enabled LAN zone.
GEN7-27514The Event Logs is not showing any events for OSPF.
GEN7-27823Configuring Ratio mode for an LB group fails with an error message: Command 'rank 1' does not match.
GEN7-27936The network security appliance may become nonfunctional when switching between main power and battery backup (UPS).
GEN7-27976When using a Dell switch in a Daisy-chain configuration Portshielding does not work on the parent switch.
GEN7-28110Network security appliances that have settings migrated from a previous generation appliance fails during Network Security Manager acquisition.
GEN7-28225Unable to restore settings from a cloud backup.
GEN7-28270Clicking Cancel on when confirming whether to reset to factory defaults still causes the appliance to reset to the factory defaults.

Additional References

The following additional resolved issues in this release are listed here for reference:

GEN7-28157, GEN7-27978, GEN7-27955, GEN7-27950, GEN7-27930, GEN7-27834, GEN7-27766, GEN7-27747, GEN7-27712, GEN7-27703, GEN7-27671, GEN7-27670, GEN7-27571, GEN7-27515, GEN7-27473, GEN7-27453, GEN7-27432, GEN7-27239, GEN7-27216, GEN7-27203, GEN7-27181, GEN7-27174, GEN7-27138, GEN7-27095, GEN7-27094, GEN7-27062, GEN7-27041, GEN7-27025, GEN7-26853, GEN7-26819, GEN7-26773, GEN7-26716, GEN7-26715, GEN7-26551, GEN7-26518, GEN7-26346, GEN7-25966, GEN7-24904, GEN7-24809, GEN7-23834

Known Issues

Issue IDIssue Description

Unable to export console logs using FTP from the console.

Use SCP to transfer files.


In WAN Load Balancing and Failover setup, traffic flows from the backup WAN even when the Primary is at the Rank 1 and active after a cold boot or a firmware upgrade.

Swap the rank on the Load Balancing settings and then swap back to the original configurations.


Deploying NSv on Azure to an existing VNET does not associate NSG to the X1 WAN subnet.

Manually configure NSG on the existing WAN subnet or on the NSv X1 interface.

GEN7-28360With Failover and Load Balancing disabled failover does not occur when shutting down primary WAN.
GEN7-28384Unable to configure the interface in Portshield to a WLAN zone.
GEN7-28388Trying to configure the fiber interfaces on the Portshield Port Graphics page causes the error Command 'link-speed auto-negotiate' does not match to be displayed.
GEN7-28397NSa 6700 only:LACP on 40GB Interfaces (X33) fails after rebooting the appliance.
GEN7-28463WLB Type Spillover is working with interfaces in reverse of how it is configured.

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