SonicOS 7 Internal Wireless

Discovered Access Points

Active scanning occurs when the wireless security appliance starts up and any time Scan is clicked at the top of the table on the DEVICE | Internal Wireless > IDS > Discovered Access Points screen. The appliance scans the environment and identifies other wireless devices in the vicinity. The Note above the table displays the number of Access Points found and the time, in days, hours, minutes, and seconds, since the last scan.

To refresh the entries in the Discovered Access Points table, click Refresh. To do an immediate scan, click Scan.

The Scan feature causes a brief disruption in service when operating in Access Point Mode. This interruption manifests itself as follows:

  • Non-persistent, stateless protocols (such as HTTP) should not exhibit any ill-effects.
  • Persistent connections (protocols such as FTP) are impaired or severed.

    If this is a concern, wait to use Scan at a time when no clients are active or until the potential for disruption becomes acceptable.

The table on the Discovered Access Points page displays information on every access point (including wireless TZ appliances) that can be detected by the wireless security appliance:

MAC Address (BSSID)The MAC address of the radio interface of the detected access point.
SSIDThe radio SSID of the access point.
ChannelThe radio channel used by the access point.
AuthenticationThe type of authentication.
CipherThe cipher used.
VendorThe manufacturer of the access point.
Signal StrengthThe strength of the detected radio signal.
Max RateThe fastest allowable data rate for the access point radio.
AuthorizeClick the edit icon in the Authorize column to add the access point to the address object group of authorized access points.

Authorizing Access Points on Your Network

Access Points detected by the wireless security appliance are regarded as rogues until they are identified to the wireless security appliance as authorized for operation. To authorize an access point, click the Authorize icon.

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