SonicOS/X 7 High Availability

IPv6 High Availability Monitoring

For complete information on the SonicOS implementation of IPv6, see IPv6.

IPv6 High Availability (HA) Monitoring is implemented as an extension of HA Monitoring in IPv4. After configuring HA Monitoring for IPv6, both the primary and backup Security Appliances can be managed from the IPv6 monitoring address, and IPv6 Probing is capable of detecting the network status of HA pairs.

For easy configuration of both IP versions, toggle between IPv6 and IPv4 displays in DEVICE | High Availability > Monitoring.

The IPv6 HA Monitoring configuration page is inherited from IPv4, so the configuration procedures are almost identical. Just select IPv6 and refer to About High Availability and IPv6 HA Monitoring Considerations for configuration details.

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