SonicOS/X 7 High Availability

Replacing an HA Primary Unit

To replace an HA Primary unit

  1. In the SonicOS management interface of the remaining SonicWall Security Appliance (the Secondary unit), on the High Availability page, uncheck Enable High Availability to disable it.
  2. Check Enable High Availability.
    The old Secondary unit now becomes the Primary unit. Its serial number is automatically displayed in the Primary SonicWall Serial Number field.

  3. Type the serial number for the replacement unit into the Secondary SonicWall Serial Number field.
  4. Click Synchronize Settings.
  5. On MySonicWall, remove the old HA association. See Removing an HA Association.
  6. On MySonicWall, register the replacement SonicWall Security Appliance and create an HA association with the new Primary (original Secondary) unit as the HA Primary, and the replacement unit as the HA Secondary.
  7. Contact SonicWall Technical Support to transfer the security services licenses from the former HA Pair to the new HA Pair.

    This step is required when the HA Primary unit has failed because the licenses are linked to the Primary unit in an HA Pair.

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