SonicOS/X 7 High Availability

Dynamic WAN Interfaces with PPPoE HA

Dynamic WAN interfaces with PPPoE HA is not supported on the SuperMassive 9800. Only the DHCP Server dynamic WAN mode is supported.

PPPoE can be enabled on interfaces in non-stateful mode, HA Active/Standby mode. PPPoE HA provides HA where a Secondary Security Appliance assumes connection to the PPPoE server when the Active Security Appliance fails.

One WAN interface must be configured as PPPoE; see Configuring a WAN Interface section in the SonicOS 7.0 Firewall Network document available at

After the Active unit connects to the PPPoE server, the Security Appliance synchronizes the PPPoE session ID and server name to the Secondary unit.

When the Active Security Appliance fails, it terminates the PPPoE HA connection on the client side by timing out. The Secondary Security Appliance connects to the PPPoE server, terminates the original connection on the server side, and starts a new PPPoE connection. All pre-existing network connections are rebuilt, the PPPoE sessions are re-established, and the PPP process is renegotiated.

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