SonicOS/X 7 High Availability

Configuring Virtual IP Addresses

When Active/Active Clustering is enabled for the first time, the configured IP addresses for the interfaces on that Security Appliance are automatically converted to virtual IP addresses for Virtual Group 1. Thus, Virtual Group 1 includes virtual IP addresses for X0, X1, and any other interfaces which are configured and assigned to a zone.

Active/Active Clustering requires additional configuration of virtual IP addresses for additional Virtual Groups. You can assign multiple virtual IP addresses to each interface, one per Virtual Group. Each additional virtual IP address is associated with one of the other Virtual Groups in the cluster. Each interface can have up to a maximum of four virtual IP addresses. VLAN interfaces can also have up to four virtual IP addresses.

A packet cannot be forwarded on an interface if a virtual IP address is not configured on it for the Virtual Group handling that traffic flow.

To configure a virtual IP address on an interface:

  1. Log in to the Primary unit of the Cluster Node.
  2. Navigate to Network | System > Interfaces.
  3. In the Interface Settings table, click the Edit icon for the interface you want to configure.
  4. In the Edit Interface dialog, type the virtual IP address into the IP Address (Virtual Group X) field, where X is the virtual group number.

    The new virtual IP address must be in the same subnet as any existing virtual IP address for that interface.

  5. Click OK. The configured virtual IP address appears in the Interface Settings table.

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