Configuring Client DPI-SSH Inspection

You configure Client DPI-SSH inspection in the General Settings section of Decryption Services > DPI-SSH.

To enable Client DPI-SSH inspection

  1. In the General Settings section, select the Enable SSH Inspection option. This option is not selected by default.

  2. Select one or more types of service inspections; none are selected by default:

    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Gateway Anti-Virus
    • Gateway Anti-Spyware

      Gateway Anti-Virus service does not work for DPI-SSH because TCP streams for Anti-Spyware are not supported. If the option is checked, the system takes no action.

    • Application Firewall
    • Block Port Forwarding: for more information about these options, see DPI-SSH Blocking of Port Forwarding:
      • Local Port Forwarding
      • Remote Port Forwarding
      • X11 Forwarding
  3. Click Accept.

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