Supported Clients/Servers and Connections

SSH is not a shell, but a secure channel that provides different services over this channel (tunnel), including shell, file transfer, or X11 forwarding.

DPI-SSH supports both route mode and Wire Mode. For Wire Mode, DPI-SSH is only supported in the secure (active DPI of inline traffic) mode. For route mode, there is no limitation.

SSH supports different client and server implementations, as listed in Supported Clients/Servers.

Supported Clients/Servers
DPI-SSH Client SupportedDPI-SSH Servers Supported
SSH client for CygwinSSH server on Fedorz
PuttySSH server on Ubuntu
SSH on Ubuntu 
SSH n centos 
SFTP client on Cygwin 
SCP on Cygwin 

DPI-SSH supports up to 250 connections.

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