SonicOS/X 7 Capture ATP

Enabling Capture ATP

You must enable Gateway Anti-Virus and Cloud Gateway Anti-Virus before you can enable Capture ATP.

When Capture ATP is licensed but not enabled, the banner displays this message:

Capture ATP is not currently running. Please see the Basic Setup Checklist below for troubleshooting.

In disabled mode, the Basic Setup Checklist section is visible, but the other sections are dimmed.

To enable Capture ATP

  1. Navigate to POLICY | Capture ATP > Settings.
  2. Enable both Gateway Anti-Virus (GAV) and Cloud Gateway Anti-Virus.
  3. Optionally, you can configure GAVand Cloud Gateway Anti-Virus settings, which also apply to Capture ATP.
  4. Navigate to POLICY | Capture ATP > Settings. If Capture ATP is not enabled, a warning message displays:

  5. In the Basic Setup Checklist section, click (enable it) in Capture ATP subscription is valid until date but the service is not currently enabled, (enable it). The warning message disappears, and the status indicator becomes a green checkmark.

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