SonicOS/X 7 Capture ATP

About Capture ATP

Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps a firewall identify whether a file is malicious by transmitting the file to the cloud where the SonicWall Capture ATP service analyzes the file to determine if it contains a virus or other malicious elements. Capture ATP then sends the results to the firewall. The analysis and reporting are done in real time while the file is being processed by the firewall.

All files are sent to the Capture ATP cloud over an encrypted connection. Files are analyzed and deleted within minutes of a verdict being determined, unless a file is found to be malicious. Malicious files are submitted via an encrypted HTTPS connection to the SonicWall threat research team for further analysis and to harvest threat information. Files are not transferred to any other location for analysis. Malicious files are deleted after harvesting threat information within 30 days of receipt

Capture ATP provides a file analysis report (threat report) with detailed threat behavior information.

The firewall is located on your premises, while the Capture ATP server and database are located at a SonicWall facility. The firewall creates a secure connection with the Capture ATP cloud service before transmitting data.

Capture ATP works in conjunction with the Gateway Anti-Virus (GAV) and Cloud Gateway Anti-Virus services. Capture ATP also logs/displays email header information (to, cc, bcc) parsed by GAV.

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