Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Upgrade Guide

Upgrade Summary

To upgrade process for SMA includes, updating both the SMA appliances and the client end points such as SMA clients. Instructions for both are provided. The following lists summarizes the general process for an upgrade.

  1. Create a MySonicWall account, if you don’t already have one. MySonicWall is a resource center, giving you access to many tools and support.

    MySonicWall registration information is not sold or shared with any other company.

  2. Register your devices on MySonicWall. Registration provides access to essential resources, such as your license file, firmware updates, documentation, and technical support information.
  3. Retrieve the upgrade file for your SMA appliance and for the client end points from MySonicWall.
  4. Upload and install the upgrade file:

    • For standalone appliances: upload and install the upgrade file using the Appliance Management Console (AMC).

    The appliance is rebooted as a part of the upgrade process.

    • For CMS managed appliances: upload and install the upgrade file using the Central Management Console (CMC).

    All the Managed appliances need to be updated first to 12.4.1 first and then upgrade the CMS.

  5. Hotfixes are released to patch bugs. There are platform and client hotfixes. They should be applied to the platform first and then the client. Both hotfixes, and also related client upgrades, are necessary to resolve all known issues fixed by that hotfix set.
  6. Install the client upgrade on all the client endpoints and verify them.

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