Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Upgrade Guide

Unsupported Features

The following features are no longer supported on all SMA 1000 series appliances in SMA 12.4.1:

  • Replication

    CMS provides central policy management through the Policy Synchronization feature. Therefore, the Replication feature has been removed from SMA, and all references to the replication feature have been removed from the Appliance Management Console. The Replicate section no longer appears on the Maintenance page, and the entire Configure Replication page, accessed via the Configure button, has been removed. In SMA 12.4.1, CMS Policy Synchronization is the equivalent of the old Replication feature.

  • High Availability Pair

    High Availability (HA) Pair has been deprecated. The Central Management Service with Global Traffic Optimizer replaces HA Pair. The CMS and Central User licenses replace HA Pair licenses.

    All HA Pair connections must be disabled before you can upgrade to SMA 12.4.1 Attempting to upgrade a node in an HA Pair to SMA 12.4.1 does not succeed and generates this error message:

    Except: Special CEM to allow upgrade that breaks node out of pair.

  • Virtual Host with IP Address

    Upgrading to SMA 12.4.1 may not succeed if any virtual hosts with IP addresses are defined in the current configuration. Performing an full import of an older configuration into SMA 12.4.1 configuration does not succeed, but importing a partial configuration into SMA 12.4.1 configuration succeeds if the extra IP addresses are removed from the current configuration first.

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