Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Upgrade Guide

Platform Compatibility

The SMA supports the following SMA 1000 series appliances running SMA 12.4.1 firmware:

  • SMA 6200
  • SMA 6210
  • SMA 7200
  • SMA 7210
  • SMA 8200v (Azure/AWS/KVM/ESXi/Hyper-V)

EX6000, EX7000, and EX9000 appliances cannot be upgraded to SMA 12.4.1

You can upgrade a supported SMA appliance directly to version 12.4.1 from these versions:

  • 12.4.0 + latest hotfixes > 12.4.1
  • 12.1.0 + latest hotfixes > 12.4.1

When you are upgrading from SMA 12.3, it is recommended to upgrade to 12.4.0 first, then upgrade to 12.4.1.

Upgrading a virtual appliance hosted on ESXI requires network adapter changes. Refer to the SonicWall Support Knowledge Base article at:

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