Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Upgrade Guide

Upgrading CMS and Managed Appliances

You can use the Central Management Console (CMC) to upgrade and apply hotfixes to your entire VPN infrastructure, including the CMS and all its managed appliances. You can download the CMS upgrade file or hotfix file from MySonicWall.

The CMS and all its managed SMA appliances use the same upgrade and hotfix file.

To upgrade the CMS and its managed appliances

All the Managed appliances need to be updated to 12.4.1 first and then upgrade the CMS.

  1. On the Central Management Console, navigate to Managed Appliances > Maintain.

  2. Select the SMA appliance you want to upgrade.

    You can select multiple appliances to update at the same time.

  3. Click Upgrade/Hotfix.
  4. Choose a time to upgrade each appliance.
  5. Click Browse to select the downloaded upgrade file.
  6. Select Create Task. This will upgrade all the selected managed appliances.

  7. Once all the managed appliances have been upgraded, navigate to the Management Server > Maintain page.
  8. Under System Software Updates, click Update.
  9. Click Choose File to select the downloaded upgrade file.
  10. Expand the Advanced section if you want to schedule installation of the update or hotfix for a later time.
  11. Click Install update. This step may take several minutes, depending on the network connection speed.

After the file upload process is completed, the update or hotfix is automatically installed on the CMS. You cannot cancel this part of the installation process. The CMS will automatically restart when the installation of the update or hotfix is completed.

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