Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Upgrade Guide

Rolling Back SMA to a Previous Version

From AMC, you can undo the most recent update installed on the system. If you experience problems after completing an update, you can roll back to the previous version. Each time you roll back the software image, it removes the most recent system update and restores the version that existed just prior to the update.

If you have made any configuration changes since updating the system, rolling back the software image erases these changes.

To roll back SMA to a previous version

  1. From the main navigation menu in AMC, navigate to System Configuration > Maintenance.
  2. In the System Software Updates section, in the Rollback area, select Rollback.

  3. To roll back to the version displayed on the Rollback page, click Rollback and then Yes to confirm the rollback.

    After the rollback process completes, the appliance will automatically restart and apply the changes.

  4. After the appliance restarts, verify the version number in the bottom-left corner of the AMC home page.

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