Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Release Notes


June 2021

About Secure Mobile Access

Secure Mobile Access (SMA) provides scalable, secure mobile access for your enterprise while blocking untrusted applications, WiFi pirates, and mobile malware. SMA appliances provide a single gateway and a common user experience across all platforms, including managed and unmanaged devices. Traffic is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) to protect it from unauthorized users.

SMA is available as a physical appliance or as a virtual appliance running on VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and KVM.

CMS can be run on VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and KVM.

Supported Platforms

The SMA 12.4 release is supported on the following SMA 1000 series appliances:

  • SMA 6200 series (SMA 6200 and SMA 6210)
  • SMA 7200 series (SMA 7200 and SMA 7210)
  • SMA 8200v (ESXi/Hyper-V/AWS/Azure/KVM)
  • Central Management Server (CMS) (ESXi/Hyper-V/AWS/Azure/KVM)

SMA 12.4 is not supported on EX6000, EX7000, and EX9000 appliances.

Supported Firmware Levels

Client systems running version 12.4 client software can be used with SonicWall SMA appliances running one of the following firmware versions:

  • 12.4.0 + latest hotfixes -> 12.4.1
  • 12.1.0 + latest hotfixes -> 12.4.1

  • 12.3.0 + latest hotfixes -> 12.4.0 + Latest HF -> 12.4.1

To upgrade from Secure Mobile Access 12.3, you must upgrade to version 12.4.0 first, then upgrade to 12.4.1.

You can directly upgrade to 12.4.1 from SMA 12.1.0, and 12.4.0 versions.

For more information on supported platforms, clients, servers, IT infrastructure, and online services, refer to Administration Guide.

Additional References

What's New

SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 12.4.1 includes these new features:

  • Support to Let's Encrypt certificates.

    Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority that is Public, Free, API-driven, and Trusted by browsers/clients. Integrating Let's Encrypt certificate with SMA enhances the security and eases the deployment process. Also, Integration with Let's Encrypt allows administrators to obtain appliance certificate from Let's Encrypt CA and manage them automatically.

  • Support to Microsoft Intune.

    Microsoft Intune is a Microsoft cloud-based management solution for mobile device and operating system management. It aims to provide Unified Endpoint Management of both corporate and BYOD devices in a way that protects corporate data. Integrating Microsoft Intune with SMA helps administrators to enable more robust policy decisions based on intune's device state attributes.

  • Support to KVM hypervisor.

    KVM, or Kernel based Virtual Machine is a software module that allows Linux to operate as a hypervisor. QEMU, or Quick Emulator, allows guest operating systems to run on the KVM hypervisor and supports virtualization where applications executing in the user space can achieve near native speeds through full virtualization or paravirtualization.

  • WorkPlace enhancements.
    • Audio and Video recording for RDP shortcuts and bookmarks is supported.
    • The Modern WorkPlace is now on par with the legacy WorkPlace. All the agents that are supported in legacy WorkPlace are supported in Modern WorkPlace.
    • To avoid multiple pop up windows, bookmarks are now launched in a new tab.
    • For enhanced user experience, following are the File Explorer improvements implemented in the current release.
      • Folder can be downloaded as a zip file.
      • You can cut, copy, and paste the files and folders.
  • Device VPN enhancements.

    Secure Hosts for secure network detection can now be configured under community level and you can configure up to three secure hosts.

  • Connect Tunnel enhancements.

    The enhancements include support for Apple Silicon Mac, Surface Pro X, and parity with Legacy Connect Tunnel.

  • Tunnel Exclusions

    Resource Exclusion List feature is enhanced and renamed as Tunnel Exclusions from 12.4.1 version onwards. Tunnel Exclusion excludes host names, IP addresses, subnets, IP ranges, or domains from being redirected to the appliance.

  • Manage SSH settings from CMS

    For CMS Administrators, it is difficult to authorize keys when configuring on multiple appliances. To overcome this scenario, SMA is enhanced to manage the SSH settings centrally from CMS. You can configure SSH once in CMS and use the same to access SSH in all the managed appliances and CMS after successful completion of Policy Synchronization.

  • Support for User Groups in SAML IdP Authentication

    SMA and CMS is enhanced to support SAML authentication for Administrators. Also, SMA is enhanced to support group membership details over SAML authentication and users without on-premise Active Directory can now have group level management.

  • Improved SAML Authentication server configuration experience

    AMC now allows administrators to import/export SAML configuration as metadata files. SAML Authentication Server configuration page is redesigned which removes complexity involved in manually configuring SAML authentication servers.

  • CMS Address Pool enhancements.

    CMS Address Pool is enhanced and each managed appliance can now:

    • Have a unique address pool
    • Share an address pool configuration with one or more other appliances
    • Use a default address pool

What's Deprecated

  • Legacy WorkPlace and Connect Tunnel Service
  • Support for ActiveX and Internet Explorer
  • Support for Windows 7

Resolved Issues

Issue IDIssue Description

Disable/Stop all web proxying and enable only Tunnel service for user access.

SMA1000-3814Random Connect Tunnel connections stalls at identifying when connecting to an appliance.
SMA1000-3772CRADestinationData AUTO_INCREMENT is getting into automatic error recovery mode.
SMA1000-3747Connect Tunnel connection timeout if ACL have unresolvable hostnames.
SMA1000-3723Support Audio, Microphone and Camera redirection with RDP Personal Bookmarks.
SMA1000-3721Citrix Workspace 2012 agent update should be controlled by Administrator.
SMA1000-3639Vulnerability CVE-2021-3156.
SMA1000-3596Secure Client Initiated Renegotiation, DOS vulnerabilities.
SMA1000-3512OWA attachments with larger size fails with Dynamic SSO enabled.
SMA1000-3466CMS: Alert emails are not sent with SMTP issues reported.
SMA1000-3444High severity CVE in all versions of OpenSSL -- CVE-2020-1971
SMA1000-3433User Sessions are not displayed in CMS.
SMA1000-3394Connect Tunnel client does not auto update to 12.4 on macOS Big Sur.

SMTP Test button fails with unknown error when deploying a virtual machine.

SMA1000-3371Limitations in adding the default search domain.
SMA1000-3365Null pointer exception is displayed while editing a user/group that is not set to Any realm.
SMA1000-3361 UI/UX improvements for Connect Tunnel icon.
SMA1000-3342Appliance removed from CMS holds its entries of appliance and user sessions.
SMA1000-3275Appliance crashes when uninstalling the client.
SMA1000-3228License count cache mishandles actual count query results.

Connect Tunnel update fails when clients do not have administrative rights on their local systems.

SMA1000-3214OCSP failure due to missing HTTP host header entry when multiple backend virtual host server exists.
SMA1000-3046Unable to view user sessions on CMS and synchronize all the managed appliances simultaneously.

The graphs on CMS and the managed appliance shows the same shape but shows different peak bandwidth.

SMA1000-2633Javascript library vulnerability CVE-2020-11022 (workplace/clients)
SMA1000-249012.4.0 upgrade fails on a single CMS managed SMA node.
SMA1000-2390Unable to upgrade from 12.3 to 12.4 version.
SMA1000-2133Log message enhancements in kern.log file.
SMA1000-2109Local recording device option is not available in remote desktop session.
SMA1000-1986Hostnames should not contain underscore and a maximum of 63 characters is allowed.
SMA1000-1202Challenges in clearing the logs who do not have SSH access to the device. To overcome this scenario, options such as clear logs, reset logs, delete all snapshots, delete recent snapshots are added in the user interface as well as API.

Known Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
SMA1000-3918Unable to create LE certificate when CMS eth0 is not reachable from MA.
SMA1000-4063Connect Tunnel does not connect with 142 resource exclusion with RANL but DNS resolution fails.

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