Secure Mobile Access 12.4 KVM Getting Started Guide

Installing the SMA 8200v on Red Hat / Ubuntu-KVM/QEMU

To install SMA 8200v on Ubuntu-KVM/QEMU

  1. Download the SMA 8200v qcow2 file to a local folder in the Linux Server system.
  2. Copy image file (for example: “12.4.1-02604.qcow2”) into the directory /var/lib/libvirt/images/
  3. Launch the Virtual Machine Manger (VMM) utility 1.5.1 or higher on Linux machine.

  4. Create a VM in the Virtual Machine Manager to receive the image file. To create a VM, click File and select New Virtual Machine option.

  5. In the Step 1 screen, start creating a new virtual machine , select Import existing disk image option.

  6. In the Step 2 screen, enter Gen and select Generic default (generic) option in the text box next to Choose the operating system you are installing field.

  7. In the Step 2 screen, click Browse to locate the Installation media.

  8. Select the Installation media as .qcow2.

  9. In the Choose Storage Volume screen, click Choose Volume.

    The recommended Memory is 8 GB and CPUs to be set as 4.

  10. In the Step 3 screen, click Forward.

  11. In the Step 4 screen, set the disk image for the virtual machine.

    The recommended volume is 250 GB.

  12. In the Step 5 screen, enter the desired name for the virtual machine and enable Customize configuration before install option.

  13. In the Step 5 screen, click Finish.
  14. Click Add Hardware to deploy additional NIC for X0 and X1.

  15. Select the desired network interface for X0 and X1 under Network option and set the Device model to “virtio”.

    By choosing virtio, the VirtIO API is enabled. For more details on VirtIO, see Paravirtualization.

  16. Click Finish.
  17. Select Display Spice option and create a new VM with the Type set as VNC server. Otherwise you may not be able to use the keyboard with the new VM.

    In the above dialog box, Spice refers to the Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environment. In this context a Spice Display is one that can be accessed remotely through a standard protocol.

  18. Click on Begin Installation to deploy SMA1000 8200v on KVM.

    The Virtual machine is created.

  19. Log in as a root user.

  20. Run through the setup tool for setting up X0 Network interface for Administration access.

  21. Run through setup wizard for X1 Network interface for Workplace access. In the Welcome screen, click Next.

  22. In the License Agreement screen, select I accept the terms of the license agreement option and click Next.

  23. In the Basic Settings screen, under Central Management group, select Configure this machine as SMA appliance for standalone appliance.


    Select Configure this machine as a CMS to manage the licensing and configuration up to 100 SMA appliances.

  24. Set the password and time zone as per your requirements and click Next.

  25. Based on the Central Management option selected in the above screen, Interface is automatically selected.

    Click Next.

  26. In the Routing screen, set the external gateway for X1 interface.

  27. In the Name Resolution screen, set the domain as per your requirements.

  28. In the User Access screen, select the Access Methods and Access Policy based on your need.

  29. In the Completion screen, evaluate the settings and click Finish to complete the setup wizard.

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