Secure Mobile Access 12.4 ESXi Started Guide

Upgrading the 8200v Virtual Appliance

If you attempt to upgrade to SMA 12.4 from SMA 11.3 or earlier, the upgrade stops, and you get a message stating that you cannot upgrade from your current version.

You can upgrade a supported SMA 8200v appliance directly to version 12.4.1 from these versions:

  • 12.4
  • 12.1 + latest hotfixes

Upgrading a virtual appliance hosted on ESXI requires network adapter changes. Refer to the SonicWall Support Knowledge Base article at:

To upgrade an 8200v by importing the configuration

  1. Export the configuration from the current virtual machine to a local computer.
  2. Deploy a new virtual machine.
  3. Import the configuration from the local computer to the new virtual machine.

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