Secure Mobile Access 12.4 ESXi Started Guide

Installing SMA 8200v on ESXi

The SMA 8200v can be installed by deploying an OVA file to your ESXi server. Each OVA file contains all related software components needed. Deploy the OVA file by using the vSphere or vCenter client, which come with ESXi. To download the vSphere client, point a browser to your ESXi server and click on Download vSphere Client.

To perform a fresh install of the SMA 8200v using the vSphere client

  1. Download the ex_vm_x.x.x.xxxx.ova OVA file from MySonicWall to a system that is accessible to your ESXi server.

    Do not rename the OVA file.

  2. Launch vSphere and use it to log on to your ESXi server.

  3. In the Home screen, navigate to a view that shows the virtual machines running on your ESXi server.

  4. To begin the import process, click File and select Deploy OVF Template.

  5. Select Browse to locate the OVA file either from a URL to download from or locate it on your system.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Review the details in OVF Template Details and click Next.

  8. Review the End User License Agreement and click Accept.

  9. Click Next.

  10. In the Name field, enter a descriptive name for the SMA 8200v appliance. The name can contain up to 80 characters and must be unique.

  11. Select the desired location in the Inventory Location field.

  12. Click Next.

  13. On the Host / Cluster page, select the host or cluster that your virtual appliance is being built on.

  14. Select Next.

  15. On the Resource Pool page, select the resource pool where you want to deploy the template.

  16. Select Next.

  17. In the Storage page, select a destination where you want to store the virtual machine files.

  18. Click Next.

  19. In the Disk Format page, review and verify the displayed information.

  20. Select the type of provisioning for your disk space.

  21. Select Next.

  22. On the Network Mapping pages, select what networks that are mapped to this the virtual appliance.

  23. Select Next.

  24. Review the options listed in the Ready to Complete screen and, click Next or Back to navigate back through the screens to make a change.

  25. If correct, click Finish to create your new Appliance. The name of the new SMA 8200v appears in the left pane of the vSphere window when complete.

    The Deploying dialog box shows the progress and tell you when the deployment has completed successfully.

To power on the SMA 8200v and perform required host configuration, see Setting Up SMA 8200v on ESXi. To register and license the SMA 8200v, see Registering and Licensing Your SMA 8200v.

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