Secure Mobile Access 12.4 ESXi Started Guide

License Manager

Due to licensing restrictions, the SMA 8200v must be able to make contact with the License Manager server ( every 24 hours. All communication is encrypted with SSL and uses port 443.

The ability or inability to make contact affects the license in the following ways:

  • If the contact does not succeed in a 3-day period, a warning appears in AMC.
  • If the contact does not succeed in a 7-day period, the license reverts to 2 users (note that the full license is not deleted, but only becomes inactive).
  • If connectivity is restored at any point and the contact succeeds, the full license is reinstated.

If you make a change to your network and want to attempt contact again immediately, you must reboot the SMA 8200v. Navigate to the Maintenance page in the AMC, and click Restart.

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