Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Connect Tunnel User Guide

Configuring Split Tunnel Mode

When requests for resources or Internet access are received from clients by the appliance, they can be handled a few different ways. The administrator makes this configuration choice in the Appliance Management Console (AMC).

  • In split tunnel mode, only traffic destined for resources that have been specified in AMC is redirected to the appliance. All other traffic is routed as normal. In other words, the administrator sets up a list of resources that are kept secure because they are accessible only through the appliance, but you have open access to anything not spelled out in the resource list (for example, other Internet sites).
  • In redirect all mode, which is the more secure (and restrictive) approach, all traffic is redirected through the appliance. You are not allowed to access anything that is not in the list of allowed resources.
  • The administrator can opt to give you access to local printers and file shares, regardless of the tunnel mode.

If you are having trouble accessing resources, your administrator may instruct you to make a change in the Advanced settings. Network Preference option allows users to choose local/remote network preference in any tunnel mode (Split tunnel or Re-direct all).

Administrators can allow users to add custom exclusions in No VPN for field.

IP range is not supported in No VPN for section.

If you need to make a configuration change, it must be done while Connect Tunnel is disconnected.

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