Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Connect Tunnel User Guide

Credential Caching/Secure Network Detection

If your administrator has allowed the Credential Caching policy, you can enable or disable it via the Remember Credential checkbox on the Connect Tunnel Options dialog. If enabled (checked) on Linux, the policy works while Connect Tunnel is running. In macOS, the information is stored in the keychain and persists across reboots.

If Secure Network Detection is enabled, Connect Tunnel is put into one of three states when connecting to an appliance for the first time:

  • Connected: The machine is not in a secure location and requires a VPN connection to access resources.
  • Idle: The machine is in a secure network and does not need the VPN connection to access resources.
  • Disconnect/Error: The connection is dropped and disconnected due to external network events (for example, network change, dropped wifi signal).

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