Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Connect Tunnel User Guide

Connect Tunnel on macOS

To start Connect Tunnel on macOS

  1. In the Finder, double-click Applications, and then double-click the Connect Tunnel icon.

    The Connect Tunnel login dialog appears.

  2. In the Configuration list, select a VPN configuration and click Connect.

    If there are no saved configurations, you must create one; see Editing Connect Tunnel Settings for more information.

  3. If you access a network resource that uses a self-signed or invalid server certificate, Connect Tunnel will display the certificate. Verify that the server certificate is from a trusted source before accepting it.

    As anyone can issue a certificate, you should accept certificates only from trusted sources as the information you receive may be invalid. If you have any concerns about whether or not to accept a certificate, check with your administrator.

  4. In the Login Group selection, choose your Login Group and then click OK.
  5. In the Username field, type your username.
  6. In the Password or Passcode field, type your password or passcode. (Passwords may be case-sensitive: make sure the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys are not enabled).
  7. Click OK.

    A message in the login dialog indicates the status of the VPN connection.

    In the Connect Tunnel login dialog, you can initiate a connection to a list.

    From the Applications directory, you can drag the Connect Tunnel icon to the dock for easier access.

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