Secure Mobile Access 12.4 CMS Administration Guide


On the Reports page, you can view reports about Users, Access, Devices, and the Network.

  • User — View reports that show the number of user sessions on appliances or realms, for example, the number of user sessions currently on selected appliances, or the count for each of the top five realms of licensed users for the last day.
  • Access — View reports that show the policy rules matched and destinations accessed by users on managed appliances, for example, the top five permit rules and how many times they have been enforced over the last hour, or the count for each of the top five most accessed destinations over the last day.
  • Devices — View reports that show the platforms and zones in use by users, for example, a user's platform distribution for the last week, or a user’s zone placement count for the last month.
  • Network — View reports on the bandwidth consumption of appliances and the data transferred to users. For example, the top five users who transferred the most data and how much they transferred over the last hour or over the last three months, or view the top five appliances that consume the most bandwidth and how much they are currently consuming.

To view the reports

  1. Select the category: Users, Access, Devices, or the Network.
  2. From the drop down lists, select the options for View.

    The option for the View fields vary according to the type of report selected.

  3. Select an option from the Time drop down list.

    The display adjusts according to the selections made. Select Refresh to refresh the data in the report. Select Export to export the data to a CSV file.

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